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got naked juice,butterfly cookie, cha chan tang, & had a good long chat with one of my very close friends :D

got naked juice,butterfly cookie, cha chan tang, & had a good long chat with one of my very close friends :D



8 Perfect Fitness Foods


Don’t let your hard work in the gym go to waste. The food you eat doesn’t just give you energy - it fuels your muscles, helps you burn fat, and even boosts your cardiovascular health. Chow down on these 8 power foods before and after your workouts, and you’ll see results in no time.

Pineapple and PapayaGood for: Muscle recovery

 Both of these tropical fruits are loaded with bromelain and papain, enzymes that not only help break down proteins for digestion but also have anti-inflammatory properties to speed up your post-workout recovery.


Good for: Cardiovascular fitness

 Australian researchers found that cyclists who took fish oil for 8 weeks had lower heart rates and consumed less oxygen during intense bicycling than a control group did. The fatty acids in fish oil need to become incorporated into muscle and heart cells to have an effect, and that takes weeks of consumption-so either take fish oil pills each day, or try to eat fish rich in fatty acids multiple times a week to see similar results.

PB&J or Pasta With Meat Sauce

Good for: Muscle building and repair?

 The perfect post-weight training repast has about 400 calories, with 20 to 30 grams of protein (to build new muscle) and 50 to 65 grams of carbohydrates (to repair old muscle). Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or a small bowl of pasta with meat sauce fits that formula.

Pork Tenderloin

Good for: Waist-trimming

Lean meats are a great low-calorie source of protein, and scientists at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, found that eating more protein may reduce the fat around your midsection. People who ate 20 more grams of protein every day than the group average had 6 percent lower waist-to-hip ratios.

8 Ounces of Chocolate Milk

Good for: Hydration

The best sports drink may come from a cow. British researchers found that milk does a better job than water or sports drinks at rehydrating the body after exercise. Why? To begin with, milk has more electrolytes and potassium. The addition of chocolate gives milk the perfect balance of carbs, protein, and fat for speedy muscle recovery.


Good for: Pain relief

University of Georgia scientists revealed that taking a caffeine supplement (equal to two cups of coffee) after exercise reduces muscle soreness more than pain relievers can. Caffeine blocks a chemical that activates pain receptors.

Green Tea

Good for: Muscle recovery 

Brazilian scientists found that participants who consumed three cups of green tea every day for a week had fewer markers of the cell damage caused by resistance to exercise. So drinking a few cups every day may help your muscles recover faster after an intense workout.

Cold Water

Good for: Endurance

Drinking cold water before and during exercise can help improve your endurance. In a British study, cyclists who drank about 30 ounces of a chilled drink in the half hour before riding in a hot, humid environment-and smaller amounts as they rode-were able to bike 23 percent longer than riders who downed lukewarm liquids. Drinking cold water may be the most direct way to reduce core body temperature, so it takes you longer to heat up and slow down.

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waste of time~

i hate calling verizon for crappy internet service. takes about an hour 1/2 of my life being on hold and then talking to a representative.


Jacky’s Birthday

celebrating jacky’s birthday, he invited us over to his house to hotpot. we all met up bought some food and headed over to his house. crystal made a angry bird cake for jacky and it was the cutest thing ever! it took her about 5 hrs :O. some of us arrived early and some were late but in the end it was great. we played uno with consequences and got a good laugh out of it. we crack jokes (kevin-cole) and took a mass amount of pictures. in the head a couple of us had to head home but thanks to jacky for everything! happy late birthday!